What Inspires Me

Like a homemade pie, Good Home is made fresh as well.

What Inspires Me

June 3, 2014

I am often asked what inspires me and how I came up with the idea for The Good Home Company.  As most know, our logo and my main inspiration are my Grandparents in Ohio and their farmhouse.

But what most do not know is that I love to cook!  More Ina Garten than Julia Child, I specialize in hearty meals that are not so much known for their complexity but more for their deliciousness.

My favorite “me” thing to do on the weekends is to grocery shop.  Living in NYC we have many delivery websites where you can pick your produce and meats on line.  While this would no doubt save me a lot of time, I cringe at the thought of someone else picking out my apples.

I cherish the moments I have at my local Farmers market in Union Square and Tribeca tasting the strawberries and smelling the herbs.  This is where I get my best ideas.

Strawberry season has arrived in NYC

Strawberry season has arrived in NYC

When starting Good Home, all of my recipes, like the balms below, were made on my stove.  I like to create using fresh and local ingredients – and the beeswax we use for our balms still comes from the same apiary I found at the Union Square market 20 years ago.  The chamomile in our bath oil was sourced from wild chamomile upstate, and the pine cones in our potpourri came directly from Ohio and my Grandparents’ farm.

Our amazing all-purpose balms fresh off the stove.

Our amazing all-purpose balms fresh off the stove.

To me cooking is a heartfelt, personal experience.  The ingredients, the freshness and the quality are all so very important and never compromised.  This same process is how I approach every Good Home product I create.

The color, the scent and the quality must all be fresh and how it is found in nature.  You can tell the difference from a frozen pot pie and one that was made from scratch at home and our cleaning products are no different.

The greatest compliments I get are from customers who could never use scented cleaning products before – until Good Home.  There is no magic ingredient.  The magic is the ingredients.

We don’t use cheap processed fragrances or fillers that are common in many so called natural products.  We are proudly made in the USA and use local manufacturers in our community.


The colors of these radishes are breathtaking and inspire me in our color choices for our products.

I hope you feel the love and inspiration put into each one and that they inspire you in your own Good Home.

In simplicity and gratitude –



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