Summer Storage Tips

September 8, 2013

Labor Day is over and even if it still feels like summer, it’s time to start thinking about storing those summer clothes and other seasonal items.

Here are some storage tips to keep your items neat and fresh while stowed away:

Summer storage tips from The Good Home Co.

1. Folding clothes can feel like such a chore that sometimes we just restart the dryer to avoid it. But folding your clothes correctly and neatly before storage is a must so that you don’t have unsightly creases in your clothing next summer. After all, you don’t want to spend all of next Memorial Day ironing like a crazy person, do you? Enter the folding board from Brabantia. The folding board is the “perfect aid to fold shirts, ‘T’ shirts, sweaters etc. uniformly and without creases for a well-organized wardrobe. Saves time and cupboard space.”

2. When storing any items, we highly recommend throwing in one of our scented clothespins to keep things smelling great through the seasons. We suggest using a clothespin in our Beach Days scent, which will gently scent your items with the fragrance of summer (sea air, suntan oil and jasmine.) You might find yourself sneaking a sniff of your stored items just to be transported back to the seashore for a moment.

3. To make some room in your linen closets, you might also want to think about rolling up and stowing away your beach towels.  If you are short on storage space, try using a decorative basket in your laundry room – which provides space to store, while also accenting your home.  We love these Senegalese storage baskets from Serena &  Lily.

4. We highly recommend washing everything – clothes, beach towels, slipcovers, etc. –  in Summer House Laundry Detergent and Fragrance.  The fresh, lemony scent will linger on your clothes and stored items for months.

5. Don’t forget about your pool toys, deck furniture and other seasonal outdoor items.  Prior to storing, be sure to give them a good cleaning with our Glass and Surface Cleaner.  Our surface cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner.  Use one tablespoon of our surface cleaner  in the scent of your choice (we like Pure Grass for our lawn furniture) to a gallon of water and scrub away.  Your furniture and toys will keep pristine until you bring them out next summer.



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