Summer Is Only A Scent Away!

Summer Is Only A Scent Away!

January 14, 2014

Every year we become euphoric with the endless possibilities that the new year brings, and Good Home is here to help keep that optimism alive all year round with the newest additions to the Summer House line. Summer House elevates the senses while transporting you to the summer months with its delicious top notes of lemon citrus verbena.

Surface Cleaner SH

We recommend simplifying your cleaning routine by switching to one multi-purpose cleaner. Our Summer House Glass & Surface Cleaner ($18) works on all types of surfaces and gets the job done effectively. Enjoy the fresh and sharp scent of lemon verbena all around your home.

Dish Soap SH

Get the same mesmerizing scent in your kitchen and dining area by washing your dinnerware with our Summer House dish soap ($12.50).  This hard-working formula cuts grease and leaves your dishes bright and clean. The bonus: you have an aromatherapy while you wash the dishes and the scent of lemon verbena is shown to enhance mood.

Hand Soap SH

Let the scent of lemon verbena relax you with our Summer House hand soap ($16). Many people swear that this scent helps even the worst insomniacs fall asleep and is described by others to help sharpen concentration and increase productivity.

Clothespin SH

Have a delicate aroma linger in your drawer or bag by throwing in one of our Summer House scented Clothespins ($12.00).  These clothespins will wrap your clothes or scent anything with a delicious lemony fragrance.

glass bottles

Finally, Summer House Laundry Detergent ($25.00) and Laundry Fragrance ($25.00) are now available in our 34fl oz signature glass bottles.

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