Stay In Bed with Frette & Good Home

Stay In Bed with Frette & Good Home

February 12, 2014

The bedroom: the room that starts and ends your day, that place where you are transported from reality to dreamland, and the space where luxury, comfort and romance are the main ingredients.  Plain and simply, the bedroom is the experience you want to come home to and you can make your own experience with the help of Good Home and Frette.

To create a room that is truly visually exciting you need two things: color and texture.  To begin, your eyes should be focused on one central feature, the bed, and the room should be as if it was created around it. In other words, have your bed be the inspiration for the things that surround it. Use its colors, shapes and style as a guide and play with opposites to create your own unique touch. Keep in mind to have areas where your eyes can breathe (white space). If you have to many things going on at once your brain will see it as clutter and won’t be able to focus on the different details.


Create texture in your room by adding depth with layers. Dress your bed with various covers (duvet, bedspread, quilt) and different shams (like the Jackie Border Sham, $275 , and a Luxury Lou Lou Cushion Cover, $510) to create complexity. The color scheme for you room should be inspired from the colors that are on your bedspread. For example, if your bed is a deep moss color (like Frette’s Luxury Lou Lou Bedspread, $4,325) you should have decorations with different tones of this deep moss. You should also choose a complementary color, like dusty grey, to blend the colors together and a contrasting color, like deep orange, to create more depth and excitement. Also use light colors, like different shades of white, to open a room and bring in light.

color scheme

Now that your room is visually alluring you need a feeling, a memory to bring it to life.  You can see the colors, touch the texture in your bedspread and shams and now you need to engage the other senses.


Smell the subtle yet enticing aroma of Good Home’s custom scents. They are developed from the purest and most luxurious ingredients that induce memories and, consequently, breathe life.  Different scents will trigger different responses and emotional connections. For example, lavender has soothing properties that help banish headaches, relieve anxiety and reduce sleepless nights. Jasmine (which you can find in our Beach Days fragrance) and Sandalwood (Warm Sandalwood) are said to make you feel amorous by radiating sensuality and heightening senses, respectively.  Choose your favorite and create custom products from Good Home’s wide selection.

GH products

To keep your fabrics as luscious and pristine as the first time you held them, wash them in our gentle yet powerful Laundry Detergent ($20-25) and Fragrance ($25). All of Good Home’s products are made with a sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and enzyme-free formulation that will keep your fabrics fibers from being “eaten away” by enzymes. This is extremely important in taking care of those elegant and delicate fabrics, plus you get the exquisite scents from our collection. Keep our Closet & Drawer Sachet ($20) inside your linen closet for a lingering fragrance or spritz our Sheet and Clothing Spray ($23) between washes as an instant refresher.

Now play your favorite record and stay in bed for Valentine’s Day!


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