Spring Cleaning The Workspace With See Jane Work

April 3, 2014

It’s Day 3 of our Spring Cleaning event and today we focus on getting our workspace organized and in-shape.  Whether you work in a large office, a small cubicle or have a home workspace – being clean and organized is key to productivity and we put the workspace very high on our list of Spring Cleaning priorities.

We are so excited to be partnering See Jane Work for all things office organization because there is nothing boring or drab about their products. If there is any brand that can help you to create an inspirational and stylish workplace, it’s See Jane Work.

See Jane Work recognizes that boring manila folders and generic desk items can take away from your sense of individuality in the workplace, as well as just generally adding to those office “blahs”. A great example of how See Jane Work puts a twist on a typically boring item is these Jonathan Adler Collapsible Storage Boxes. Now you don’t have to file your paperwork in a drab gray or mustard color box and can instead opt for cheery colored and whimsically designed storage boxes that will actually look like you’re putting your filed paperwork on display.

Jonathan Adler Storage BoxesOnce you have filed your papers, organized and “feng shui’ed” your office area with beautiful products, it’s important to keep the area dust free and smelling great.

Spring Cleaning with Jenny Wu

Photo Credit: Jenny Wu of Good, Bad, and Fab

Use a non-abrasive cleaner like our Glass & Surface Cleaner (seen here in Pure Grass).

With summer right around the corner, it can be easy to day dream a bit but keeping focused in your work area is important.  At The Good Home Co., we know fragrances and essential oils can actually help you give your productivity a boost.

Oils for productivity work by increasing your energy through your scent memory. Here’s how:

Peppermint reminds us of a cool brisk day and when we eat a peppermint candy or chew peppermint gum, we naturally think of “refreshment” and feel energized. It is a natural for the work place and a great scent to take a whiff of during a break between tasks. We recommend  standing up from your desk, doing some stretches and rubbing a little peppermint cream on your hands and behind the neck. It is a great way to take a momentary break.

Peppermint Hand & Foot Lotion
Most of us find scents such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes refreshing as well – in a less brisk way than peppermint. This makes them good options as a reed diffuser, or as a room spray. Too much Peppermint could over time make one feel cold or uncomfortable but citrus makes us think of warmth and summer. Because of this, a citrus fruit scent is truly an all day scent  that provides invigoration without limits. Spray your work area or wear a perfume with citrus to feel energized.

Line Dried with hint of lemon

Lastly – a scent which has a very fond memory attached to it for you is a good choice to creating a positive environment for yourself. It will be a natural mood enhancer for you and is a good idea for improving the ambience of a work area. Just be sensitive to others if you have close working quarters like a cubicle;  one person’s good memory may be another’s bad one!

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