Spring Cleaning: Laundry Day With Honey-Can-Do

April 1, 2014

It’s Day 1 of our annual Spring Cleaning event and today we’re focused on one of our favorite topics – LAUNDRY.

With the right products, you don’t have to dread laundry day. It can actually be an enjoyable process but just like any other room in your home it’s very much about creating ambience. If your laundry room is drab and dreary or smells musty, then this will set the mood every time you do the chore.  If it’s organized, smells great and has some whimsy, you may just look forward to laundry day.

First let’s talk about what happens before you even get to doing that initial load of wash because how you deal with your dirty clothing is a very important first step in setting yourself up for laundering success.  A stylish, modern container like this bamboo hamper from Spring Cleaning partner Honey-Can-Do, can make storing dirty clothing  just a matter of style.  Honey-Can-Do offers many different hampers and bins to complement any home decor.


 And of course while doing your wash, aromatherapy can lift your mood and trigger wonderful memories.  The Good Home Company’s Laundry Detergent cleans and removes stains and odors from garments and linens, leaving them freshened with subtle fragrance.


We recommend a highly organized way of sorting your clothing and other items.  This Sort and Iron Triple Laundry Center from Honey-Can-Do is perfect for both before and after the task. Separate your clothing by whites, colors, delicates or even bulky items like towels or bedding. After drying, place items that might need ironing back in the bins to keep them organized if you choose.


We also like some humorous touches to put a smile on one’s face when entering the laundry room, like this sign we spotted on Etsy:


After washing, continue alleviating your spirits through fragrance during the drying cycle.  The Good Home Company’s Dryer Sheets reduce static and soften garments and linens, leaving them freshened of subtle fragrance.


 If you cannot machine dry or would  like to conserve energy, using a rack like the Folding Tripod Air Drying Rack from Honey-Can-Do is a great solution. This energy saving drying rack holds up to 36 items and uses only 26 square inches of floor space. The extra tall design works for both long and short garments. DRY-02118_3000px

 You can also opt to do something a bit more nostalgic like line dry items outside — provided weather permits.  Try using scented clothespins to keep everything in place while drying in the fresh outdoor air.

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