Spring Cleaning: Freshening Up With YOLO Colorhouse

April 4, 2014

Serious Spring Cleaners need only apply for Day 4 of our Spring Cleaning event! There’s nothing that can totally transform a room and give it a complete freshening up like a coat of paint.  However, there are so many  choices out there – including many unhealthy formulations – that if you’re not careful, you can wind up with a toxic paint brand in your home. But you don’t have to sacrifice quality and color for safety and this is why we love YOLO Colorhouse.

YOLO Colorhouse

YOLO Colorhouse was born out of a need for healthier paint and better color. They  are dedicated to making paint that is better for us and the environment, dedicated to making beautiful color solutions simpler and dedicated to doing business in a more sustainable way. YOLO Colorhouse is a premium, zero VOC interior paint line with select palettes.

We wanted to base our Spring Cleaning color refresh palette on four of our most popular fragrances: Beach Days, Pure Grass, Lavender and Line Dried. We are excited about the concept of surrounding ourselves in color and then putting the finishing touch of fragrance to create a fresh and updated room (in an eco-friendly way) this Spring for a totally sensorial Spring Cleaning experience.

Inspiration 1: Beach & Water 

It’s Springtime, but why not skip a season and bring the colors and scents of the ocean into your home? For our Beach Days-inspired room, we selected the apropos YOLO Colorhouse hue of Water .01.

WATER .01 YOLO Colorhouse

Clean and relaxing, WATER .01 feels like a spa. Bathrooms with white tile look like Greek islands. Give your dining room a French accent — or create a restful bedroom combined with rich browns and neutrals.

This color will bring the feeling of a spa into any room but we like the concept of transforming your bath into a seaside retreat. Pair with our Beach Days products – like our hand soap, hand lotion and reed diffuser –  to be instantly transported seaside by color and fragrance.


Inspiration 2: Fresh Lively Grass
Decorating your room in green brings the color of nature and energy. Many say green is a restful color, most appropriate for the bedroom. For our Pure Grass inspired room, we loved YOLO Colorhouse’s Thrive .03. The color will bring so much energy to your walls.

THRIVE .03: YOLO Colrhouse

Electric and bold, THRIVE .03 adds fresh, lively greenery to accent walls, entryways and niches

Further freshen the room with our Pure Grass scent – an aromatic, blend of essential oils and beautiful fragrance. Pure Grass is the delight of a summer day and the scent of freshly cut grass. Spray our Sheet & Clothing spray on your pillows to release the delightful scent of grass for an instant refresher this Spring.

Pure Grass Sheet & Clothing Spray

Inspiration 3: Floral Blooms

Spring is synonymous with abundant blooms and we love the idea of a room’s hues and scents inspired by a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. For our Lavender inspired room, we selected the color Sprout .07.

SPROUT .07 YOLO Colorhouse

SPROUT .07: Peaceful and pleasant for dreaming, SPROUT .07 is as yummy as the scent of spring lilacs.

We believe this color is appropriate for any room of the house but could really be fun for a laundry room. Put the finishing touch of fragrance on your clothing and enjoy the aromatherapy while you wash your clothing with any of Good Home’s Lavender laundry products – like our famous and beloved Laundry Fragrance. The amazing lavender scent will transport you to the  countryside of Provence, France.

Lavender Laundry Fragrance

Inspiration 4: Fresh Air and Sunshine

Lastly, we love the concept of bringing the outdoors inside. We chose YOLO Colorhouse Air.04 to surround ourselves in a warm, sunny feeling.  Color does not have to be dramatic to change your mood.

AIR .04: YOLO Colorhouse

AIR .04: AIR .04 creates a soft warm glow, for a morning-sun feeling all the time. An easy brightener for kitchen, child’s bathroom, sunroom, guest room. Also a good trim choice for some CLAYs.

Pair this light and airy color choice with the smell of clothing drying on a line during a warm summer’s day with just a hint of lemon through our Line Dried scent. Place our Line Dried Scented Clothespins around the room, in drawers or anywhere you wish to add scent.

Line Dried Clothespins

Remember to go to our Facebook page and enter today’s Spring Cleaning Giveaway for a chance to win 2 gallons of paint in the color and sheen of your choice from YOLO Colorhouse.

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