Snow Tracks

December 13, 2013

Today, in our {Good} Home for the Holidays Event, we are partnering with Arcadia Home to bring you some pet-themed, holiday fun.


Driven to provide high quality livable luxury, Arcadia Home creates unique home and holiday designs perfect for any Christmas celebration.  Take a peek at their large selection of pet holiday products that, like all of their other products, are handcrafted from eco-friendly and artisanal materials, helping to support artisans around the world.


This Christmas any pet owner will appreciate Good Home’s Playing in the Meadow Gift Set.  It includes the entire line of Playing in the Meadow beautifully packaged in a basket for a thoughtful holiday treat.  Enjoy a laundry detergent, floor soap and stain remover – all featuring a delicious summer day scent  - free of any ingredients that could harm our furry friends. We also love Arcadia Home’s Dog Breed Christmas Tree Skirt made from 100% hand felted and hand appliquéd wool.  It is the perfect touch under your tree for a pet-happy Christmas.


Remember to go to our Facebook page and enter our {Good} Home for the Holidays Event.  You will have a chance to win a Dog Breed Christmas Tree Skirt from Arcadia Home and the Playing in the Meadow Gift Set from The Good Home Company.


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