Quick Cleaning Tips from The Good Home Co.

Quick Cleaning Tips from The Good Home Co.

January 22, 2014

Whether this is your first year or your 27th year of being a proud home owner, tricks on keeping a clean home are always appreciated. At Good Home we thrive in making homes feel inviting and clean, and we want to share some of our cleaning tricks with you.

Successful housekeeping comes down to 2 things: the schedule and your arsenal. To keep your stress levels to a minimum spread out your workload over the week. By cleaning one room and doing one load of laundry a day you only spend an hour or two working to keep your home clean instead of a whole day full of labor.


Don’t forget to give yourself a breather. Pick a day where you do not clean anything (we prefer Saturdays.) This will give you a sense of some work successfully completed, instead of having a never ending task.

Another Good Home tip: be sure to make your bed every morning before you leave the room and when you leave a room make sure it is cleaner than when you came in.


Now let’s talk about your products, the arsenal:

  1. Glass & Surface Cleaner
  2. Laundry Detergent & Dyer Sheets
  3. Dish Soap
  4. Floor Soap
  5. T-shirt rags
  6. Stain remover
  7. Toothbrush (for hard to reach areas)
  8. Mop
  9. Vacuum

Instead of using 10 different types of solutions for all your different surfaces, opt for a multi-purpose product like our Summer House Glass & Surface Cleaner.  This cleaner works in all surfaces, keeps it bright and shiny, and smelling fantastic.

For a deep clean and an aromatic experience around your home, mop your floors with our Playing in the Meadow Floor Soap that leaves the lingering scent of summer without any residue.  In your kitchen, wash your dishes in our Beach Days Dish Soap and bring the sea to you.

When washing your fabrics opt for a laundry detergent and dryer sheet that will keep them smelling fresh and clean, but are free of enzymes that can “eat away” your fabrics, like our Pure Grass detergent and dryer sheets. For spot treatment, use our Tried and True Stain Remover that will knock out any laundry catastrophe.

For a greener clean, trade in your paper towels for old cotton t-shirts.  (Just remember to remove the seams that can leave streaks as you clean.)  When cleaning surfaces use thicker shirts that are more absorbent, and thinner shirts when dusting and polishing.


Another Good Home tip: keep a reed diffuser in the entrance of your house. This way every time you come in through the door it will be like a breath of fresh air.  Our Lavender Reed Diffuser will bring a soothing comfort to your guests.


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