Productivity Enhancing Scent Memories

August 28, 2013

With Labor Day right around the corner, summer is starting to wind down and it’s Back to School or for those of us done with school, time to stop day dreaming a bit and time for “back to [focusing more] at work” season.  At The Good Home Co., we know fragrances and essential oils can actually help you give your productivity a boost.

Oils for productivity work by increasing your energy through your scent memory. Here’s how:

Peppermint reminds us of a cool brisk day and when we eat a peppermint candy or chew peppermint gum, we naturally think of “refreshment” and feel energized. It is a natural for the work place and a great scent to take a whiff of during a break between tasks. We recommend  standing up from your desk, doing some stretches and rubbing a little peppermint cream on your hands and behind the neck. It is a great way to take a momentary break.

Peppermint Hand & Foot Lotion
Most of us find scents such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes refreshing as well – in a less brisk way than peppermint. This makes them good options as a reed diffuser, or as a room spray. Too much Peppermint could over time make one feel cold or uncomfortable but citrus makes us think of warmth and summer. Because of this, a citrus fruit scent is truly an all day scent  that provides invigoration without limits. Spray your work area or wear a perfume with citrus to feel energized.

Line Dried with hint of lemon

Lastly – a scent which has a very fond memory attached to it for you is a good choice to creating a positive environment for yourself. It will be a natural mood enhancer for you and is a good idea for improving the ambience of a work area. Just be sensitive to others if you have close working quarters like a cubicle;  one person’s good memory may be another’s bad one!

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