Pampered and Protected Paws

November 20, 2013

In the spirit of our new pet line and pet-friendly scent, Playing in the Meadow, we are going to be talking about everything your pet needs to be happy and healthy during this week’s Pampered and Protected Paws Event.

For those of you who haven’t heard, throughout the week we are going to be giving away awesome pet products from Good Home and one of our co-hosts to one lucky winner everyday.  At the end of the event, one person will take home one final grand prize package with products from all five participating brands.  And for those who don’t have the luck-gene, Good Home will also be offering great discounts on our new line so you can still feel like a winner.


We are kicking off the event with Whiner and Diner’s line of pet accessories. Crafted out of reclaimed wine boxes from European, Californian, Chilean and Australian vineyards, Whiner and Diner creates an array of pet products that are stylish and one-of-a-kind.  Created by a power couple of an accomplished carpenter and an artist, you can be sure that these boxes are beautiful and well-built.

This wine crate feeder will definitely stand out in your home and give an unexpected twist to your décor. Plus, all of Whiner and Diner’s products can be personalized with inscriptions and designs, and are coated with three layers of non-toxic protective finish for extra protection and durability.

WD_color and designs

The raised dog and cat feeders (starting at $150), are not only beautiful but  acknowledged by veterinarians to be ergonomically more beneficial for your pet.  The raised feeder will help your pet’s posture while they eat by shortening the amount of bending your pet normally would do to reach their food or water.   They also have the option of using slow feed dog feeders that are designed to prevent your pet from eating too fast which can lead to gastrointestinal health issues.

WD_dog feeders

For those inevitable messes your furry friend makes while they are eating or just playing around, Good Home’s Eco Pet Stain & Odor Remover ($15) is your home’s best offense.  Just add a little water and scrub with a brush, and when the white foam dries the stain will be gone.  With no harmful ingredients for pets, this little fighter will eliminate the toughest stains, new or old.


Be sure to visit our Facebook page where you can enter to win today’s Pampered and Protected Paws giveaway!


Today you can have the chance to win products from Good Home’s new line of pet-friendly home cleaning products featuring the new Playing in the Meadow scent AND a raised dog feeder from Whiner and Diner. Enter by clicking above or by visiting our Facebook page entry form here.

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