November 22, 2013

It is the second day of our Pampered and Protected Paws event and its time to talk about LoveThyBeast.  Today’s giveaway co-host is a Brooklyn born company that designs and manufactures beautiful products for your pets.




LoveThyBeast’s products are designed and made from materials within a 200-mile radius from their studio in Brooklyn.  With roots set on their love for pets and the environment, LoveThyBeast creates designs that are utilitarian by nature and environmental by heart.

For the cat-lovers out there, they created an Energy Pyramid Cat Home ($32) made from 100% recycled cardboard, printed with soy-based ink, and coated with acrylic for easy clean-up. With cut out toys and a liner perfect for napping and scratching, this playpen for cats is comfortable, different and easy to clean.  Just dilute some of Good Home’s All Purpose Cleaner and Floor Soap in some water and wipe clean your pet’s home.


LoveThyBeast also has an extensive collection for dogs.  They designed a simple and comfortable pillow bed (starting at $150) with a cover that is made from linen/cotton canvas and has an eco insert making it super easy to clean. You only need to remove the cover and throw it in the wash with Good Home’s laundry detergent ($20) for a great clean that will smell amazing and keep your fabrics looking like new.


For on-the-go pets, they have carry totes (starting at $160) made from cotton canvas, collars (starting at $44) and leashes (starting at $48) all with a simplistic color block design that will bring color to any style.


Remember to wash your pet’s clothes and even their tote bag in Good Home’s Playing in the Meadow laundry detergent ($20).  It will keep your fabrics from fading without the use of sulfates and other harsh chemicals that can be harmful for your pet. Plus, it leaves a fresh scent of summer days rolling in the grass that every furry friend and owner will enjoy.

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Today you can have the chance to win products from Good Home’s new line of pet-friendly home cleaning products featuring the new Playing in the Meadow scent AND an Energy Cat Pyramid from LoveThyBeast.

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