Look Good While You Do Your Spring Cleaning With Casabella

April 5, 2014

It’s Day 5 of Spring Cleaning and talk about saving the best for last – today we highlight one of our favorite household cleaning brands – Casabella.  Casabella was created with the novel idea that housewares and cleaning products could be great looking, fun and functional all at the same time. The brand definitely delivers by putting pizzazz into the products that help us get through some of the more monotonous tasks of cleaning.



We embarked on a Spring Cleaning adventure using Casabella products paired with Good Home products and the results were thrilling.

First we started with the floors; pairing Casabella’s Roller Mop and 4 gallon bucket (in orange with a hot pink handle, which made us smile) with our Playing In the Meadow floor soap.

Casabella Roller Mop and 4 gallon bucket and The Good Home Co. Playing in The Meadow Floor Soap

Not only are the Casabella products stylish, they’re also ergonomically designed and easy to use.

After we cleaned the floors, we decided to move on to the dishes.  One of our favorite whimsical products from Casabella is the brand’s sparkle sponges. We used the sponge with our dish soap in Beach Days and the duo conjured up imagery of sea & sand with the scent of the ocean and the glimmer of the sand.  We discovered that daydreaming can be really easy when washing the dishes with these products.

Good Home Dish Soap and Casabella Sparkle Sponge

Then we moved on from the kitchen to the living room…

One of the products we were most excited to try out was Casabella’s No Bones About It Sponge which removes animal hair when you swipe it over your fabric couch. Good Home staffer, Monica, has a furry family member – a black cat named Midnight – who’s been known to shed some hair in the many spots around the house that he snoozes. She decided to put the sponge to the test on one of his favorite resting spots: the living room couch.

No Bones About It Sponge from Casabella

The results were impressive! The cute bone shape was very easy to grip and when the sponge was swiped over the fabric, the cat hair would accumulate and then ball up on the sponge – making it very easy to pick off.

Afterward, we spritzed a bit of our Sheet & Clothing Spray in Pure Grass on the couch to give it a refresher.

Freshening up the furniture with Good Home Sheet & Clothing Spray

Lastly, to complete our Spring Cleaning adventure, we gave the bay window a shine using our Glass & Surface Cleaner in Summer House along with Casabella’s bamboo cleaning cloths.

Good Home Glass & Surface Cleaner and Casabella Bamboo Cleaning Cloths

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