Homes for pets. Designs for people.

November 24, 2013

Here is the thing: we love our little furry friends but their napping stations tend to ruin the atmosphere we worked hard to create in our homes.  Pet crates are great for your pet; giving them a special ‘me’ space, but the sad reality is that they are typically UGLY! Not to mention they take up a lot of space.  For those pet owners that want to use pet crates for their furry friends to sleep in but don’t want to mess up their home décor, DenHaus’s line of pet homes has a remedy for your situation.


Like their motto says “Homes for pets. Designs for people, ” DenHaus is able to create a design that meets your pet’s needs and satisfies your style.  They offer a dog crate that doubles as an end table for your living room, bedroom or hallway. These beautiful designs will fit any type of décor you have around your home and will last a lifetime.


The original TownHaus ($449.99) design adds an elegant and classic wooden look to your home.  This crate is easy to assemble and comes in different sizes to fit your living arrangement and pet’s size. It also has a removable grate making it easy for you to let your pet come in and out as they please, or safely secure them inside.


Many of the products you use to clean up these surfaces leave cleaning residues that can cause dermatitis or other allergic reactions to your pet.   To prevent this you should clean your pet’s home with Good Home’s All Purpose Cleaner and Floor Soap ($18).  This soap is free of any harmful ingredients to your pet and is perfect for cleaning up any surface.  Just add two tablespoons of soap for every gallon and clean up you crates, tabletops and floors in one fell swoop.

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