Having a Ball {Jar}

Having a Ball {Jar}

April 28, 2014

Living in the city makes it hard to have the country life I crave, however I manage to work it in to my décor.  What says country more than an old fashioned Ball jar?  I collect them and use them for many things around my home.

Ball Jars

The newest use is as a planter.  Instead of a terracotta planter, try putting a potted plant inside a Ball jar.  I like using really large ball jars and smaller plants – to form a terrarium of sorts.  Hyacinth bulbs, crocus and Daffodils all do well in them and they last longer than the cut version and make amazing “living” centerpieces.

Also the Ball jars are very easy to reuse. A month ago I had bulbs in these ball jars.

Ball Jar

Today I created a mini herb garden for my city home. They are the perfect size for replanting and I didn’t need any new dirt.


Would love to hear from you and how you like to use your Ball jars in your Good Home!  Please visit us on Facebook or post by commenting here on our Good Home blog!

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  1. I have 4 large shelves and they are lined with old green and blue canning jars. Filled with spices and baking chocolates. :)


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