Happy Women’s History Month

March 16, 2017

As a female business owner, I accredit much of my success and determination from the stories of women leaders in my life and history.

If it were not for these pioneering women, such as my Mom, I would most likely not have the fearless attitude I have had for my 23 years as an entrepreneur.

Because I was raised by a strong, single mother – I never saw myself as unequal or incapable of doing anything because of my gender..  I always saw a world of opportunity.

I am thankful to my Mother and all women who paved the way amongst great adversities such as low pay or having to work twice as hard for work recognition, while raising families and taking care of a home.  They never gave up, but took the hurdles in stride.  Sometimes falling, but always getting up and moving forward. And I am just as thankful to the men who believe in gender equality and were instrumental then and now in standing up against opposition and opening doors for us.

In honor of all women, I would like to share this link featuring the female Nobel prize winners http://www.nobelprize.org/ who changed the world for the better and had the audacity, passion and self determination to think they could.

Many of them did their greatest works later in life, proving age is not a barrier, but perhaps something we should look forward to and may be where our magic and wisdom and true learnings begin.

I hope you are inspired and share the stories with the little women in your life, for I truly believe no matter what your circumstances, you can do whatever you tell yourself you can and often this starts with what others tell us we can be.


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