Happy Birthday To Us and To Our Inspiration!

September 18, 2013

18 on 18


18 years ago this very day, Good Home Co. was founded by Christine Dimmick. The brand was inspired by the simple, farm life of her grandparents.

 I would spend [one week each] summer with my grandparents with my cousins, who are all about the same age. My grandmother was a homemaker. She had the most important job in the house. And the most important place you have in the Midwest are farms.

Grandma Euler’s home may be small – but was always a good home. Christine was always welcomed by her and her Grandpa Euler. Christine remembers,

They loved having all nine grandchildren over and we all slept on the floor – there was never a concern about space or  being uncomfortable. They loved each and every one of us and the chaos that ensued. My fondest memories are of summers spent making ice cream and swimming and just being with family. It was picture perfect.

Christine’s grandparents, Gaylon and Pat Euler, still live in the farmhouse on Euler Road four miles west of Bowling Green off U.S. 6. The Eulers met as seniors at Bowling Green High School and graduated in 1945. They still run their 500-acre soybean and corn farm.



I wasn’t like the kid of Martha Stewart, but my grandmother taught me a lot of those things like making pies, and at Christmas there were always crafts, involvement with the church, and always something to make. It was a nice place to live and I found those things to be so interesting. I was always the one to make a fort or set up plays. 

We all have grandparents who are like this, who know how to work with their hands and bake, and decorate and till the land. As we get older, we yearn for that lifestyle of our grandparents.

With the lifestyle of her grandparents in mind, Christine founded the Good Home Co., Inc., in 1995. The company’s logo features an etching of her grandparents’ farmhouse.



The date – September 18th – that Christine founded the brand is not arbitrary.  It happens to be the birthday of the inspiration for The Good Home Co. – Christine’s Grandma Euler.



My grandma taught me I am perfect as I am and has always been a source of light for me. She is dearly loved by us all and one of the greatest women who ever lived – her heart is huge and she epitomizes the Good Home and I am forever thankful she is my Grandma.

Because of this, we are celebrating the fragrances of Pure Grass and Honeysuckle Vine on our birthday today  - Grandma Euler’s favorite scents.

The Honeysuckle Vine was inspired by the wild honeysuckle growing in Grandma Euler’s yard.

The Pure Grass inspired by summer trips to her home. There is a long road to her home once and once Christine got on that road, she would roll down the car windows and smell the fresh grass scent!


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