Grandma Euler’s Baked Beans Recipe

May 15, 2014

Ahh Memorial Day!  I have so many, many amazing memories of Summer BBQs spent on Grandma and Grandpa’s farm with my cousins and family.

Memorial Days at the farm

My grandfather built a brick BBQ in the backyard that I have the fondest memories of.  When this was used – we knew a feast of epic proportions was to be had.

It would be an all-day affair – with friends and neighbors driving up and parking in the grass when the driveway was full.  Everyone brought a dish and no one went hungry.

No we did not soak our skewers in rosemary oil before-hand – but hot dogs, grilled chicken, hamburgers and fresh caught frogs legs would be on the menu.  Corn was gathered by us (this was an August treat as May it was just being planted) – in the field behind the pond where we all swam and we took turns shucking the corn.  The adults sat around and chatted and the kids sat at the small picnic table made just for us.  9 of us couldn’t fit – but we somehow managed.

BBQ at the farm

These were the glory days of summer.  The ones that lasted forever and felt like 2 days packed into one.  I hope that this Memorial Day and coming Summer you have as many of these BBQs as you can fit in and that you keep it simple.  Don’t fret over the skewers soaked in olive oil or if chicken got burnt – that is what makes it a good old fashioned BBQ – not found in magazines – but found in your photo albums.

Here is a recipe of my grandmas baked beans.  A favorite of everyone!

Baked Beans Recipe


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