Empire Mayonnaise – Fit For A King

April 9, 2014

Here is something we bet you didn’t know about The Good Home Company:  The company was created by founder Christine Dimmick from her love of food. She simply just translated her love of cooking into creating cleaning products.   Cooking is a vital part of our lives at The Good Home because we truly believe that good food plays a HUGE part in making a good home.  Describing ourselves as foodies is right up there with describing ourselves as homemakers.

We are constantly on the look out for  brands that share a similar philosophy to ours; that is why we avoid “industrial” brands when we can and spend many weekends hitting farmers markets or mom & pop shops in our quest for foodie finds.  Now finding these gems is much easier through Fresh From The Farm 365.

Fresh From The Farm 365

Fresh From The Farm 365 brings responsibly grown, locally sourced foods from the finest family farms and food purveyors straight to your doorstep. Food that’s free of pesticides and preservatives, packed with nutrition, and that’s picked at its peak of perfection.

By way of Fresh From The Farm 365, we were introduced to Empire Mayo – from our neighboring borough of Brooklyn.


Founded in 2011 by chef Sam Mason and designer Elizabeth Valleau, Empire Mayonnaise creates mayonnaise with exotic flavors and formulations. The brand uses non-GMO oils and local, pasture-raised eggs always, and local/seasonal flavors.

One of the things that we absolutely love about this brand is that Empire Mayo manages to put a spin on a common refrigerator item in a natural and sophisticated way. (Anyone who has tried our products knows we appreciate this approach.) The flavors bring an extra level of delight into dishes from Lime Pickle (we’re going to try this flavor next) to White Truffle to newer flavors like Sriracha. There is seriously no lack of creativity in the kitchen of Empire Mayonnaise.

We had the opportunity to try out three flavors of mayonnaise: Bacon, White Truffle and Roasted Garlic.  Since these are no ordinary condiments, we set out to do something a little different than just spreading them on a sandwich (though we did plenty of that too!)

Bacon Mayo

Bacon Mayo Empire Mayo

The Bacon Mayo was probably the most intriguing to us when we received our trio of flavors.  From the Empire Mayonnaise website,”Baconnaise is an obvious necessity, so we took extra care to find a bacon that delivered the right balance of sweetness, smokiness and rich bacon love. We have a hard time not eating this straight out of the jar. We use a beautiful heritage pork bacon for this – applewood smoked, Antibiotic-Free, Vegetarian-Fed and Family Farm Raise. Oink!

We paired our Bacon Mayo with thick, natural fries and dipped to our heart’s delight. The flavor was creamy and smoky and a bit unexpected.  (We also highly recommend this variety on a turkey sandwich – it turned ours from ordinary to extraordinary.)


Note: seen here is the 1oz mini jar sent to the Good Home for sampling. Full size product is 4oz.

Roasted Garlic Mayo

Roasted Garlic Mayo from Empire Mayonnaise

There’s a deli nearby that serves sandwiches on garlic bread. It’s delicious but sometimes can be a bit overkill.  We loved being able to control the level of garlicky goodness with Empire’s Roasted Garlic Mayo. From the website, “Creamy, nutty, and potent roasted vampire repellant, this classic aioli inspiration is enhanced by roasting the garlic to round out the flavor. Truly our most versatile and addictive spread.”

With springtime here, we turned on the BBQ and grilled up some burgers. The mayo coupled with a slice of cheddar and a dill pickle slice, created burger perfection.



Don’t judge us on the thin bun – we’re watching our carbs these days. ;)

If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll also see that there is an all but forgotten red dollop in the background. Sorry, ketchup, there’s just no need for anything additional with this delicious condiment from Empire Mayonnaise.

White Truffle Mayo

Truffle Mayo Empire MayonnaiseThe White Truffle variety sounded the most “regal” of the Empire varieties. We wanted to do something a little different with this flavor. From the website, “This one is embarrassingly decadent. Like, maybe shouldn’t be eaten in public. Here’s a hint: Drop a dollop on a freshly grilled steak. Or put a small ramekin of it next to a warm artichoke.  Put on some Edith Piaf and close your eyes. Paris.”

We set out to use the White Truffle flavor in a recipe and stumbled upon this post from vegetarian chef Eddie McNamara on Toss Your Own Salad.  If you have the time to hit the market (or can have the farmer’s market delivered to you), cook and peel potatoes, etc., we recommend trying out Eddie’s approach as nothing can beat the flavor combination of fresh ingredients. Only issue was: we were pressed for time…

So we call this section, “Pick your effort level potato salad.  Be a gourmet or just seem like one.” If you’re a cooking purist and never take short cuts, scroll back up and don’t read any further. Yes, we cheated with this recipe. But you know what? It worked. We started with cooked, whole, peeled baby potatoes.

Short cut Potato Salad with Empire Mayo in White Truffle

We added the potatoes and a 1/4 cup of the White Truffle Mayo to the blender with the potatoes (the mayo is so flavorful, you truly don’t need much!)

Potato Salad Short Cut

Flash blended it to a chunky consistency. Salt & peppered to taste and voila – we now have a delicious potato salad that actually tastes like we put hours into creating it!

Potato Salad Using Empire White Truffle Mayo

We will definitely be using Empire Mayo for grilling and picnics this season.

You can enjoy Empire Mayonnaise and other amazing locally sourced brands from Fresh From The Farm 365. Join Fresh From The Farm 365 in the quest to “disrupt the food chain” and allow everyone to experience all the goodness that shopping the green market has to offer. Go to our Facebook page and sign up for Fresh From The Farm 365′s newsletter for a chance to win a trio of Bacon, Roasted Garlic and White Truffle mayonnaise featured above from Empire Mayo!

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  1. these guys have a store near me in Prospect Park! The staff is all like over 6 feet tall and models, very friendly – I think they are related. The mayo is really tasty, they will pull out a ton of samples and hang out and have a tasting party with you in the shop, it is the best place to take friends to in the neighborhood!

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