Bring On The Spring With The Good Home

Bring On The Spring With The Good Home

March 9, 2014

Get an early start on Spring and surround yourself in the signature scents of the season with The Good Home Company.

Freshly Cut Grass


Wake up every morning to the scent of freshly cut grass with Good Home’s wildly popular Pure Grass collection. Possibly the most season appropriate scent for Spring Cleaning, Pure Grass is available in our all-purpose Glass & Surface Cleaner, dish soap, laundry, candles and more.

New Privet Blooms


Food makes a home good – but it also leaves its scent behind on your furniture and curtains. For the wonderful refreshing scent of springtime, wash your slipcovers with The Good Home’s Custom Laundry Detergent and Laundry Fragrance in Privet and your house will smell like the earliest days of spring with the lingering scent of privet flowers fresh after bloom.

Classic Honeysuckle Vine


One of Good Home’s classic and most popular scents, Honeysuckle Vine is one of Grandma Euler’s favorites and will transport you to crisp days of spring on her Ohio farm – the inspiration for all things Good Home. Style your home with the fragrance of Honeysuckle Vine using a decorative Custom Reed Diffuser.

The Timeless Scent of Sweet Pea


Surround yourself in the heavenly fragrance of Sweet Pea, delivering floral top notes and a deliciously sweet finish. Unlike other products that fall short in representing this timeless scent, The Good Home’s Sweet Pea fragrance is hand blended to a perfect fragrance match and is sure to trigger memories of a lush spring garden. Indulge in a fragrant Bubble Bath and finish off by nourishing your post-winter skin with Custom Hand & Body Lotion.

Grass and Wildflower


The family pet can also celebrate the arrival of Spring. Good Home Co. has created a special line of eco-friendly 100% all natural Pet-Friendly Home Cleaning Products, each featuring a delightful “Playing in the Meadow” scent, which evokes a perfect summer day rolling and running in the grass. The line includes pet-friendly Laundry Detergent, Floor Soap and Eco Pet Stain & Odor Remover.

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