Bettering The World One Pet Product At A Time

November 22, 2013

For the third day of our Pampered and Protected Paws Event we decided that it is time to talk about toys!  Toys that are not only safe, fun and durable for your pet, they are also good for the environment.


West Paw Design is a company whose mission is to better the world one pet product at a time.  They are constantly improving their process of manufacturing products and creating new goods that are better for your pet.  They have been approved by Green America, became a Beneficial Corporation this year and most products have been certified safe by Öko-Tex Standard 100.

Their huge array of products for dogs and cats all have been made with a strong sense of environmental decency, and designed for your pet’s well-being and happiness. Even though they strive to be extremely mindful of the environment, they do not lower the quality of the products for easier manufacturing. They work hard to create products that you will be thrilled to own and at the end of the day will not have the world suffer the consequences.


Their tough dog toys are made out of Zogoflex®. This is a material that virtually creates no waste during manufacturing and is pliable, buoyant and designed to be recycled.  For those who have pets with strong chompers West Paw Design’s Zogoflex toys are the solution.  With a guarantee to be replaced once if ruined, you can be sure that this toy is super strong and won’t succumb to your pet’s jaw strength.  With bones, Frisbees and tug-of-war toys all made from this material you are sure to find the perfect game for your pup.

toy and mats

On the other hand, for the moments you need more softness, West Paw Design uses IntelliLoft® material for products like their bedding and plush toys.  IntelliLoft® is a clean, safe, re-engineered PETE polymer material that is super soft, 100% recycled, and exclusive for West Paw Design.  They use this material as a Fiber Fill for their bedding, and sown together as fabric for their toys and mats.  No matter what you choose, you can be sure that your cat will love the plush fabric and you will enjoy that they are all machine washable.


Remember to keep your pet’s well-being in mind by using Good Home’s Laundry Detergent ($20) on all of their apparel and bedding.  This product is super soft on fabrics and leaves the wonderful scent of Playing in the Meadow behind. Without any harsh chemical or ingredients that are harmful to your pet, this should be your go-to pet solution in the laundry room.

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