April “Showers” On the Farm

April 28, 2014

I remember the Spring my Grandpa bought my Grandmother a rain barrel.  We were all so curious what it was.  Basically a clean, wood barrel made to collect water – my Grandma had asked for one so she could wash her hair in rain water.

wooden barrel

As a little girl she grew up in the mountains of Asheville, NC.  Her Granddaddy (a famous fiddler) built a log cabin that they lived in.

Log Cabin

Each family member washed his/her hair with rain water collected.  She said it made her hair super soft and shiny.

Grandma Euler Young Woman

She was so happy the day he brought it home to her. And although she probably did not rinse her hair in the rain water as much as she would like to – I know it gave her wonderful memories of the times spent with her Granddaddy.

In these busy times – it is important for me to practice these “old fashioned” ways as much as I can. I believe it brings us a serenity and a connection to our family and elders – which should be passed down generation to generation.

To give it a try, simply wash your hair as usual and rinse with a bucket of freshly collected rain water. I am going to do it next time I head upstate to my Mom’s! I know my 7 year old son will love to hear the story of how his Great Grandma Euler lived in a log cabin and HAD to use rain water for washing!


  1. I enjoyed your story about your Grandmother. I grew in an area that is not to far from Asheville. That is a beautiful spot.
    I love the Good Home Company, the products and their philosophy!!


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