A Good Home Winter

December 19, 2013

Lets face it – everyone has a love/hate relationship with the winter season. We love the holidays, the cozy sweaters, and of course the fact that it is OK for us to indulge in hot chocolate with marshmallows because “baby, it’s cold outside”. On the other hand, the season also brings many disadvantages – cold weather, dry skin, the “sniffles”, and the shorter days.  To make the most of the winter season, equip yourself with Good Home’s winter rescue pack.


Our Peppermint Car Spray ($7) is the ideal solution to taking some of winter’s delight on the road.  Surround yourself in the delicious and sweet smell of peppermint candy that will soothe your soul. This fragrance, made from 100% pure essential oil of peppermint, is not only delightful but it is known to calm the senses, increase positive thoughts and alleviate headaches. By far the sweetest way to improve your morning commute to work!


For an exquisitely scented product that will also keep your favorite winter clothes as pristine as when you first purchased them, try our Lavender Cedar Cashmere Wash ($20). This wash will wrap your clothes in its heavenly scent and gently clean your delicates without deteriorating the fabric. As a bonus, it contains essential oil of Cedar and Lavender – two natural moth repellants. Made with luxurious ingredients that are free of sulfates, parabens, enzymes and phthalates, this product is perfect to hand wash all of your winter sweaters (or the cherished afghans, throws and quilts that keep you warm during the chilly nights.)


For the not-so-good consequences of winter, ourThick & Rich Body Cream ($25) is your best defense. This recipe has been in Good Home’s vault for 18 years and we bring it out every winter to tackle all your winter nightmares. Handmade from the simplest of ingredients – organic olive oil, beeswax and calendula extract (a natural skin healer extracted from marigolds) – our cream will soothe dry hands and feet, tame frizzy hair and heal cuts and scrapes. One little jar does it all and goes a long way.

chest-rub & bath salts

If you feel the dreadful winter “sniffles” coming on, pour some of our Bath Salts ($10) in the corner of your shower. Made from pure salts from the Himalayan Mountains (considered the purest salt in the world) doused in rosemary and peppermint oils, this salt will dissolve in the water and the steam will help you breathe easier.  After you shower, add our Chest Rub($25), made with essential oil of eucalyptus and peppermint, for even more relief pre- and post-shower.

This winter season be ready for the cold with Good Home on your side.

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