7 Day Home Detox

January 31, 2017

Day 1: Glass and Surface Cleaner

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Did you know that the overuse of bleach actually increases your risk of infection?  A recent study showed that children in homes and schools where a high use of bleach exists, have higher rates of influenza and recurrent infection rates. For daily cleaning, soap and water is best. Our plant based surface cleaner is free of harmful antibacterial ingredients that suppress your immune system. It is safe to use daily for a naturally clean home.

Day 2: Laundry Detergent

Most regular laundry detergents contain over 25 different ingredients and the majority of them aren’t even soap, but ingredients derived from petroleum oil.  Many are allergens and irritants to your skin and respiratory system. Our detergent is soap is 98% plant and mineral based and no irritating petroleum ingredients. It cleans your clothes, but won’t strip the colors and deteriorate the fibers. Just 2 TBSP is all you need for a full load in a HE machine

Day 3: Tried & True Stain Remover

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Why buy multiple products and have multiple waste when one stain remover will do the trick?  Our Tried and True Stain Remover will remove new AND old stains and odors using the power of natural borax and baking soda. It is 95% plant and mineral derived and is safe to use on carpets, clothes, baby diapers and anything that can be washed with water. Our customers refer to it as TNT for stains.

Day 4: Castile Soap Body Bar

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Did you know the majority of body washes and shampoos contain ingredients that cause disruption to your endocrine system? The endocrine system controls our moods, our weight, our thyroid and our reproduction. Switching to a bar soap such as our Vegan natural, handmade body bar can reduce your exposure to these harmful chemicals significantly. Safe for the whole family, including babies and pets. Use on your body and your hair too.

Day 5: Heal Air Spray

The cold days of Winter mean viruses hang around longer.  When there is a virus in your home, you want to clean the air, not poison it with toxic antibacterial sprays.  Our Heal Air Spray contains 9 different essential oils known to be naturally antibacterial.  Spray the air, on your door knobs and in the bathroom to keep germs at bay using the power of nature.

Day 6: Heal Hand Wash

Triclosan is a harmful ingredient that the FDA has removed from all hand sanitizers due to its ability to affect your endocrine system – which controls your weight, your reproductive system and your thyroid. It is still in hand soaps and toothpastes! Detox from antibacterial and use the power of nature. Our Heal hand soap contains 9 different essential oils that are naturally effective against germs. This along with soap and water is all the protection you need and will support your immune system, not harm it.

Day 7: Vacuum Beads

Using vacuum powders to clean your rug do more harm than you think. The powders are never fully vacuumed up and the residue sits in your carpets which can cause skin and inhalation irritation to anyone laying on them – including children and pets. The powder also decreases the life and efficacy of your vacuum by coating the parts and motor. Our Vacuum Beads solve this problem by leaving nothing behind but a fresh scent. Put a handful in the bag or motor and the air is gentle scented with every use. The beads last until the bag/canister is full!

Bonus Day (for your furry children): Natural Floor & Crate Cleaner


Your regular floor soap may be causing dermatitis in your pet.  Many pets suffer from dermatitis and it is often caused by the floor soap residue. Our Pet Floor Soap is 99% plant/mineral based using a fragrance that is safe to use around pets. If your pet likes to lay on a freshly mopped floor – a chemical free soap is a must.

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